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  Bio-Bubble™ is a fizzy, fermented probiotic powerhouse, featuring food-based antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and billions of beneficial microorganisms per serve.

"This defence food offers probiotic support that is far more potent than many of the task-specific probiotics. This is a fizzy, fermented liquid derived from the microbial digestion of eight organic cereal grains and several legumes including alfalfa and soybeans. Probiotics involve a numbers game where the aim is to overwhelm the 'bad' guys with the 'good' guys and you will see that the benefits can extend far beyond bio-balancing.  Graham Sait

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Kefir Ale .......... New Product Just released

Naturally fermented probioticx

Good Genes Health Clinic has been using Kefir Grains to help our clients
repair the digestive tract.  We have been running classes to teach fermenting and the value of these ancient foods.

Due to popular demand, we are now making these food/drink items available for purchase.  Many people are just too busy to make these precious foods.

The first off the rank is our tasty, refreshing Kefir Ale available in a number of flavours.

It is available in 750 ml bottles.

Now available in
Lemon and Lime
Passion and Lime
Ginger and Lemon

When ordering please specify the flavours preferred  shipping instructions

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