Be careful of sports and energy drinks if you want good teeth

A recent study showed damage to tooth enamel after consuming sports and eneryg drinks in as little as 5 days!  These popular drinks have as much or more sugar than soft drinks and sugar will also deplete nutrients out of the bones and teeth, weakening them.

“The researchers found that damage to enamel was evident after only five days of exposure to sports or energy drinks, although energy drinks showed a significantly greater potential to damage teeth than sports drinks. In fact, the authors found that energy drinks caused twice as much damage to teeth as sports drink”

Is fruit juice the answer?  Often these juices contain high levels of natural sugars even if no added sugar is present.  These juices can cause sugar spikes in the blood and can interrupt glucose control.

So what can we drink?  Water is a natural option, but if that is not tolerable then very diluted juices would be better, for example lemon, mint and water.  Or what about home made fermented beverages that will be rich in friendly bacteria?  I will post recipes for these in the future.

For a nice hot drink, rooiboos tea, organic cocoa with cream, organic coffee with cream, black tea, green tea and other herbals (be careful of infused teas with the word “flavor”, this could be man made molecules manipulated to stimulate the taste buds).  I really feel part of the answer is variety.  If we consume the same old drinks several times a day, eg 5 cups of coffee, it becomes burdensome for the body to deal with.  The same could be said of cola, sports drinks and energy drinks, however in this case I feel that even one is too many due to the high sugar content.  We have to find a better way to delight our senses!

Black tea and coffee are also dehydrating to the body, causing loss of fluids via the urinary tract (notice how you need to take extra trips to the bathroom when drinking these).  Another good reason to mix up your drinks!  Why not try and limit your coffee and tea to one each a day and then fill in the rest with drinks that hydrate.  Save the coffee and the tea for the social cup, or when you just feel you need it.

In the winter months when you really feel like those hot drinks, a tasty broth may be the answer, made from a good chicken stock for example brewed with leeks and garlic.  The calcium and other nutrients that have been leeched from the bones will nourish as well as refresh..add a sprinkle of parsley or coriander before serving.

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