Sour dough and the question Can celiacs or gluten intolerant folk eat sour dough bread?

Sourdough fruit loaf and buns ready to prove

Sour dough cooking! We have enjoyed our first series of sour dough classes in Logan.  It is a joy to share the passion of slow foods.  In our presentation we highlighted recent clinical trials that have shown that properly prepared sour doughs that take 12 to 24+ hours to prove are well tolerated by those with gluten intolerance.

One study found that a group of celiac sprue patients that had eaten gluten free for several years when challenged with genuine sour dough showed no adverse reactions even after 90 days.  Why?  The beneficial lactobacilli bacteria from the mother culture hydrolyze the bonds between the protein strings of gliadin breaking them apart into individual amino acids.  (Gliadin protein strands are made up of quite a few proline amino acids, which are particularly difficult amino acids to break apart due to their cyclic structure.)

Slow fermentation with the “mother sour dough” produces a naturally acidic environment of around 3.9ph.  This prevents undigested proteins entering the blood stream through the lining of the small intestine, hence reducing the production of antibodies against foreign proteins.

The real problem of gluten intolerance is 2 fold.  Modern breads are not predigested by bacteria leaving strong protein bonds hard to digest and many folk in western countries have poor leaky digestive systems.  This is a bad combination.

So the solution is also 2 fold. Heal the leaky gut syndrome AND only consume wheat or other grains that have been completely hydrolyzed, like genuine sour dough breads

Those in our community that are able to tolerate modern breads have better digestive systems and undigested proteins are not able to enter the blood stream, passing on to be eliminated via the bowel instead.  However our digestive system is very delicate and over time inflammation in that area from chemicals, pesticides, stress, poor antioxidant status, medications can slowly erode the integrity of the lining.

Is it any wonder we are seeing more and more families turning to a gluten free diet for relief?  Several attendees with gluten intolerance at the seminar found that  the sour dough breads  were well tolerated, and now have the skills to prepare their own safe  sour dough breads.

Update June 20, 2012  Sour dough breads continue to be enjoyed by previous seminar participants without any digestive difficulty!

In a following post we will look at healing an inflamed digestive system.

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