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Full Sourdough Class May 8th 2021 in Bethania Qld

Learn how to make artisan style breads that are easy to digest. Eat like a king for 50 cents a loaf! Continue reading

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Live Well Logan Program: Sour Dough Cooking classes

Good Genes Health Clinic is now working with the Live Well Logan Program provided by the Logan city Council to provide affordable cooking classes in the Logan Area. This class is an Introduction to Sour Dough cooking presented by nutritionist … Continue reading

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Slow foods, nourishing and exquisitely delightful

While making lunch today it occurred to me that I really have achieved my goal of enjoying the fruits of my labors when it comes to providing nourishing wholesome food for the family.  Over the past decade I have worked … Continue reading

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Want sour dough cooking classes in your area?

Sour dough cooking is a lost art that needs to be revived!  Many people are becoming intolerant to foods that have been consumed for millenniums.  Why is sour dough a Superior bread?  The long slow process allows the friendly lacto … Continue reading

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Sour dough and the question Can celiacs or gluten intolerant folk eat sour dough bread?

Sour dough cooking! We have enjoyed our first series of sour dough classes in Logan.  It is a joy to share the passion of slow foods.  In our presentation we highlighted recent clinical trials that have shown that properly prepared … Continue reading

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