Cooking class

Foods that heal the gut

Kefir cheese cake, full of great probiotics

A new year, a new beginning on the way to great health! Start the year well with this hands on special group cooking class. Enjoy the company of like minded participants and enjoy the discounts!

This class will be run on Thursday 20th February 2020 and also Saturday 28th March 2020, so hopefully one of these days will fit in with your schedule. More dates will be released soon.

What will participants learn in this class? A 30 minute slide presentation will cover gut issues and their causes, and how we can help our digestive systems recover. Then we will cover kefir yogurts and cheeses, water kefir drinks and living fermented sauerkraut. This is a 3 hour class!

Remember, if you want a personal class fill in the contact form here to request a class.

Questions?? Contact Julie on our contact form or email: [email protected]

About Julie

Nutritionist working in the Brisbane area Queensland Australia.
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