How to make a healthy lunch for work in seconds

This is a never ending problem..what to take to work for lunch?  We all want to be healthy but how do we find the time?  Keep watching this blog for good ideas, but let us start with something really simple.  Often we don’t have time in the morning and lack the energy in the evening to prepare a sandwich.  The solution?  Pack just the ingredients and make the meal at lunch time.  So here we can see the lunchbox.  It includes a whole tomato, a small avocado, half a cucumber, a small bag of salad greens and a cutting knife..lunch

Next we want to put a slab of butter into a small container that will fit inside the larger one

lunchMake sure the main container is a reasonable size so that most of the goodies will fit in.  I recommend the Kavli biscuits as they are one of the few wholegrain biscuits on the market that don’t have any vegetable oil in them.  There are also 2 packs in the box, so you could either take one pack and seal it in a clip lock plastic bag for freshness or just grab the whole box for convenience and take it each day or leave the box at work until it is depleted..(that is if you can find a safe spot:))




Pop everything in and don’t forget a cutting knife that will be easy to spread the butter (do not use any margarine of course!) and cut up the tomato etc.  Pop the container in the fridge if preparing the night before.




Time to go? Pack either a paper plate or a small cutting board.



So all is gathered into a bag or a container with an ice pack if you can’t pack the lunch into a fridge at work.

The big advantage is that at the end of the day when you get home, just replenish with a new tomato or what ever you need for the next day.  Good genes will post some more suggestions soon.

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