Live Well Logan Program: Sour Dough Cooking classes

Cooking Classes around Logan January February and March. Bookings now open
Sour dough snacks

Good Genes Health Clinic is now working with the Live Well Logan Program provided by the Logan city Council to provide affordable cooking classes in the Logan Area. This class is an Introduction to Sour Dough cooking presented by nutritionist Julie Walcott.

This class includes a short power point presentation explaining the benefits and basic principals of sour dough cooking, followed by a hands on workshop covering the care and maintenance of the mother culture (provided to each participant), basic dough making, flat breads, snacks and pizza making.

3 more classes have been organized so far:

Class 1: Saturday 17th April 2021

Time 10am to Noon

Venue: Bethania Community Center 118 Station Rd Bethania

Price: $5.00 To Book, select the date on the calendar

Class 2: Monday February 15th and Tuesday May 18th 2021

Time: 10am to Noon

Venue: Creastmead PCYC Gimlet St Creastmead.

Price: $5.00 To Book, select the date on the calendar

Class 3: Saturday March 13th and June 19th 2021 Chambers Flat

Time: 10am to 12 Lunchtime

Venue: Chambers Flat Community Center 49-65 Kenny Road, Chambers Flat

Price: $5.00 To Book, select the date on the calendar

Due to current Health situation we will be monitoring the safety of running class and will only run the class if it is safe to do so. Refunds will be available if class is postponed or 24 hour notice is given before class starts.

All participants will be required to download a registration form and bring to class, or if unable, will need to fill in registration form on site before starting class. When you book the link to registration form download will be provided.

If you have any queries please contact me via the contact form below

About Julie

Nutritionist working in the Brisbane area Queensland Australia.
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