Pain management with Earthing? What on earth is Earthing?

Universal Earthing Mat

Earthing is the new buzz word. Every now and then you come across something amazing.  My good friend Rosie was in agony after pushing herself too far,  owing to the fact that her body does not break down lactic acid very well.   Arriving at work was excruciating, tears inevitable.  “Here, sit down and put your feet on this mat and you”ll be grounded..this will make you feel better” comforted a young visitor.

Half an hour later she was pain free.  “What happened??,  How does that mat work?” she asked.  “It is an earthing, or grounding mat, I use it to help me sleep” said the youngster, who has suffered insomnia for years.

Rosie purchased her own mat and 5 weeks later had remarkable changes occur to her condition, including  weight loss of 1 kg per week.  These changes included, energy increase, a ruddy complexion, pain free, ability to walk longer distances without difficulty or pain, and improvements in eyesight and deep sleep.

Now as a practitioner, this got my attention!  Time to do the research!  Something is going on here that should not be ignored.  When you know someone well it is easier to see if these changes are genuine, and these were real changes.  I started by reading the book Earthing.

So, how does it work?  I was fascinated to find that quite a bit of research has been going on in this area of late, and  a few clinical trials have been done to confirm some changes that occur in the human body when we are “grounded” or “earthed“.

Put simply, when we stand bare foot on the earth, the voltage in our body is close to zero.  This allows an influx of electrons which are negatively charged to flow into our bodies.  These electrons then act as antioxidants in the body, quickly suppressing inflammation, reducing swelling and pain with noticeable differences within 30 minutes of Earthing.  The earthing mat connects to the earthing rod in the ground found in most houses. Notice the difference in the following picture after 30 minutes.

After purchasing my own mat, I hooked up my multimeter to do my own testing.  How high is my voltage when I am not grounded?  I was in for a shock.  Remember that in an ideal world we would be near zero if walking on the ground bare feet.  Who among us today has time to go barefoot?  I spend much of my time on the first floor of our house, and my  voltage in that environment fluctuates between 20 and 30 volts, even higher if I am working on my laptop.

At work on the ground floor, as soon as I put my hands on my keyboard my voltage shoots up to 30 volts.  Just placing my mat on the floor (which is plugged into the earthing socket) and kicking my shoes off reduces it down to between .05 and .5 volts.  I quickly realized that the benefits of Earthing would not be limited to reducing inflammation in the body, but also offer some protection from high electrical fields and the invisible “smog” of emf’s or electromagnetic frequencies that we are all exposed to with our wireless technology.

How have we become so disconnected from the earth?  Modern footwear is made from synthetic materials which are not conductive, preventing the free flow of electrons.  Few houses have  floor coverings that will  allow Earthing, the only one I can think of is a concrete slab with ceramic tiles on the ground floor, providing you don’t have shoes on.  So for many of us, we can go for months without ever  being grounded!  No wonder we have such a high prevalence of inflammatory conditions today.

In the clinic it has been exciting to put this new found knowledge into practice.  If you visit Good Genes Health Clinic with any pain issues, don’t be surprised if you are “earthed” at the beginning of the consultation.  We have been so thrilled with the results that we are now stocking Earthing Products so that we can offer a drug free solution to pain management and help others to reduce or prevent inflammation.  The good news is that it is relatively inexpensive, and there are no on going costs with earthing.  For those in severe pain or chronic conditions, an earthing sheet is also available.

Spend long hours in your vehicle?  The rubber tyres prevent the benefits of earthing, but this can be overcome by sitting on a car pad that is connected to the body of the car.  The sheer mass of the metal will allow the flow of electrons to lower the overall charge of the body, and this will also help prevent the familiar “shock” you feel when you get zapped on touching the vehicle.

All the earthing products come with a safety feature which will break the circuit should an unexpected surge occur, for example, in the case of being hit by lightening.  Any questions?  We would love to hear from you, and especially your own stories if you have been earthing.



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