Kefirale naturally brewed probiotics box of 12 mixed flavours


Our naturally fermented kefirale is fermented once with kefir grains and a second time with the selected flavor.   The product is made from fresh fruits  or spices and organic sugar, which helps to populate the brew with multiple species of probiotics.  The sugars are fermented down to carbon dioxide and water.  The end result is a very low sugar content, but a great fizzy brew by the naturally produced carbon dioxide.  It will pick up the taste of the added spice or fruit and produce an old fashioned soft drink flavour, or a soft “wine” in some cases, though the alcohol content is barely detectable.  Suggested dose is 20 to 30 ml twice daily.  Typically 1 bottle will last 1 person 1 week, though you can drink it as a refreshing drink as well.  Price includes shipping inside Australia


Available in Ginger, Ginger and lemon, lemon and lime, cherry, raspberry and mineral cola.

Made from Kefir water, organic raw sugar, and hand crafted syrups.


For therapeutic uses, take 30ml twice daily.  Drink 5 minutes before a meal to help with digestion


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