Slow foods, nourishing and exquisitely delightful

Lunch: sourdough curried egg with olive oil mayo and garden greens

While making lunch today it occurred to me that I really have achieved my goal of enjoying the fruits of my labors when it comes to providing nourishing wholesome food for the family.  Over the past decade I have worked toward learning the “art” of producing slow foods.   Why bother?  Mainly due to the fact that they have excellent nutrient content for our poor famished bodies.

As a nutritionist I am keenly aware that today we are overfed but undernourished, slowly starving ourselves.  Our foods have been processed to the point that little nourishment remains in them.  Ancient methods of preserving foods and cooking them retained most of the nutrients, and we need to tap into this lost art..for the sake of ourselves and those we have the responsibility to care for, like our children.

So what was so good about lunch today?  The eggs came from our 3 lovely hens, the salad from the home vegetable garden, the mayo made from scratch with olive oil and a beautiful home made wholemeal sour dough.  I have 2 olive trees planted so maybe one day I might supply the oil?  Another goal:)

What is a ‘slow food‘?  These are foods that traditionally take a little time to ferment or mature before they are eaten, such as sauerkraut, sourdough, cheeses, ginger beers, wines and kefir.  The process makes the nutrients more bio available, that is easily absorbed by the digestive tract

Good Genes Health Clinic in Waterford Qld aims to teach these wonderful arts to its visitors, so that they in turn can teach others.


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