Want sour dough cooking classes in your area?

sourdoughSour dough cooking is a lost art that needs to be revived!  Many people are becoming intolerant to foods that have been consumed for millenniums.  Why is sour dough a Superior bread?  The long slow process allows the friendly lacto bacteria to break down the protein bonds, including gluten.  Modern breads began to spread after world war 2 when a fast yeast was able to produce a loaf of bread in a couple of hours.

We also have a community with many gut issues, particularly leaky gut syndrome that permits gluten fragments to pass through the intestinal wall, leading to immune responses and allergies.  This condition combined with poorly prepared breads compounds the problem leading to gluten intolerance.

Sour dough Classes

Learning this ancient skill in one of our sour dough classes will equip you to make bread daily with a minimum of fuss and very little time.  Some of our attendees had given up the idea of eating wheat again, but have been able to return to eating wheat  without any side effects.

Do you know others that would like to learn the art of sour dough cooking and may be interested in attending sour dough cooking classes?  We are looking at the idea of taking the classes out into the suburbs.  We are looking for expressions of interest.  Why not turn your kitchen into a class?  We can conduct a 3 hour class with a minimum of 6 persons.  Why travel when we can come to you?  We will be starting in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas in Queensland.

Larger sour dough classes

We are able to conduct larger sour dough cooking classes by hiring the local community halls providing the fee is reasonable.  It is our intention to keep costs down to a minimum so that families can afford to learn this skill.  In fact once you have mastered the art of sour dough cooking you will SAVE money.

Key benefits of learning sour dough cooking skills

  • easy to master, no machines required
  • a lifetime of benefit
  • easy to digest
  • quick to prepare dough
  • rises overnight while you sleep
  • fresh hot bread daily
  • learn to make loafs, rolls and flat breads
  • make enough dough in one hit  for a week of cooking
  • store dough in fridge for a hot pizza at a moments notice
  • sour dough bread will not go moldy, no preservatives necessary
  • enjoy incredible taste!  Don’t pay 6-8.00 per loaf!

If you would like to participate in a class please contact Julie at [email protected] or leave a comment.

    • Why pay top dollar for quality breads?

Healthy nourishing food that is delightful to eat


Bread well prepared is nourishing to the body

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Nutritionist working in the Brisbane area Queensland Australia.
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