Which diet is best? Zone Ornish Atkins? Stanford did the study at last

dietThe battle of the Diets: Is anyone winning..This is a seminar well worth watching if you are frustrated by the many dietary options promoted for weight loss.  At last a proper study has been done over a period of 12 months by the Standford university.  Some very significant findings were confirmed.

The high carbohydrate low fat diets were not the best diets for insulin resistant participants in fact it increased triglycerides, increased blood pressure and lowered HDL (the so good cholesterol) and increased LDL.

However the diet high in fat and low in carbs and high in protein (Atkins style diet) fared the  best, losing the most weight over 12 months.  This diet also lowered blood pressure, increased HDL and lowered LDL and lowered triglycerides.

The results really surprised the study designers, and I really love the honesty of the author in this video, especially as he showed no bias despite being of vegetarian persuasion.  If you want evidence based information to guide your journey to find a suitable diet for good health then enjoy this video.


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